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Writing stories with Sims.

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A sims writing community
Welcome to Simspiration!

This is the one stop community for Sims Storytellers. Our goal is to help foster the creative process by providing prompts, challenges, encouragement and more to the members of our community.

Highlights of the Community


Story Prompts: Three times a week we will post a list of story prompts to hopefully spark a little extra creativity.

1. You may write for as many prompts as you are inspired to. You can also do other projects- photoshoots, playlists, whatever you like, as long as it relates back to your sims or someone else's sims.
2. Post your prompt response directly to the community.
a. If the content of your response is R/NC-17 rated, for any reason, please post it to your LJ account and link to it in the post to the community, with the rating and why it is rated that way. Basically, if you wouldn’t post it to the Exchange, don’t post it directly in your post to the community.
3. Be respectful of other writers when responding to their posts. Helpful criticism is okay; insults and flames are not.
4. Please use the following format for a header for your prompt response:
Prompt(s) Used:

5. Put the body of your prompt response behind a cut. If you do not know how to do a LJ cut here's a handy guide.


Events: Three times a year we hold different events. They are SimCreMo, Poker Face, and Myshuno.
SimCreMo - Sim Creative Month - Typically held in March, this is the month where we encourage our members to make goals related to their writing/storytelling. We have pep talks, Icons, and a special reading day for the winners.
Poker Face - Typically held in July, this challenge encourages our writers and storytellers to expand their comfort zones.
Myshuno! - Our most popular event! Myshuno is held from the first of October through the first of January. Participants sign up to receive prompts from the community and have to create a bingo card.


Story Updates: Starting in 2014, we have decided to start allowing story updates to be posted to the community. However, there are some rules that you will need to follow.

1. Please post your actual story update to your own personal journal and just provide a link to the community.
2. You may have a cover image but it must be no larger than 600x600.
3. Please use the following format for your update header:
Link to Story:

4. Mods will create an author tag for you to use. If it is your first time posting an update to the community please note it someplace.
5. Your update need not be a plotty story. All updates are welcomed.
6. You may only post updates twice a week. That means if you update three times or more in one week you'll either need to link to multiple updates or wait until next week to post a your link.


Enjoy your stay!

- Your friendly neighborhood community maintainers, themorganlegacy, smoothiesims, rosefyre,fuzzy_spork, silverbelle1220 leilia, and regacylady

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